Beautiful, glowing, radiant skin...naturally 

If the thought of of applying a face oil to your skin brings back memories of your acne plagued teenage years, it is time to think again!

Ancient Egyptians kept their skin glowing and flawless with Moringa Oil and the indigenous Mapuche Indians of Chile have used Rosehip Oil for centuries for its ability to renew and heal skin. 

Perhaps it seems counterintuitive to slather oil on skin that is already oily and prone to breakouts (not true), or that your skin is so sensitive it wouldn’t be able to tolerate a facial oil (it can), or that applying a facial oil is just another complicated step in an already overloaded skincare routine (it isn’t). 

Facial oils, especially those that are organic and naturally and ethically sourced, are making a big comeback and with good reason. They offer a host of skin loving benefits that include:

Diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.
Improving photoaged skin and protecting from UV damage.
Increasing firmness and elasticity.
Delivering key phytonutrients, vitamins and antioxidants to the skin.
Clarifying the skin and even…drumroll….. preventing breakouts!

Which oil is right for your skin type?

Wild Orchid Oil: normal, dry and mature.  
Cacay Oil: normal, dry and mature.
Rosehip Oil: normal, sensitive and dry. 
Pomegranate Oil:  normal, oily/acne prone. 
Watermelon Oil: normal, oily/acne prone. 
Marula Oil: normal, dry and mature.

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